Adventures that You can Try with Your Family



Did you notice that among all Earthly relationships, only the one called family ends with the letters ILY. It could easily stand for I Love You compared to others which normally ends with END.

This just shows us that family, regardless of where we are or who we become, it will forever be ingrained in us.

Taking that into consideration, this is the very reason why it is important that we cherish our families a lot more than anyone else in the world. Not just because it ends in those three letters but also because they are the only people that we can rely on to be there whenever we need them because even when the world turns its back against us, family will always be there to support us.

The key is to make the ties stronger and what better way to strengthen the bond than to take adventures together. Experiencing the outdoors has always been a good way to bond with family members, even in the olden times. The only difference from then and now is how it is being spent.

Road Trip


While road trips have always been a norm when it comes to family adventures, RVs have become the staple vehicle when a family plans on having a road trip and it has valid reason why.

First, it gives you the convenience and flexibility to do what you want to do without being restricted by rules set by hotels or time constraints. You can bring all the things you would expect your family would like – bikes, pets, and various kinds of entertaining activities – without fear of being kicked out.

In addition, it also helps you cut down on expenses which is normally the biggest problem that families have when planning adventures. RVs have their own beds which could vary according to the number of people you are planning to take with you. The only exhausting part is drive which you might have to take turns with another adult.

Although, there are RV stops along the highway that you can enjoy and it gives you an opportunity to rest and meet other families who have the same interest as you.

It also provides your family privacy that you can never enjoy if you stay in hotels – posh or not. These even have built in toilets and that is one part of privacy that no money can buy. RVs basically brought an entire home dynamic and put it on the road.

Pumping Up the Adrenaline

There are families who love the outdoors so much that they would try almost anything that nature has to offer. Most of the times however, the wild offers just as its name suggests – a wild adventure for anyone to enjoy.

You have loads of options and in various conditions as well.


For example, if you love the smell of rivers and lakes, then you can easily drive to the woods and go kayaking on a raging stream of white water or go hunting if that is your family’s cup of tea. You may also prefer the cold weather and enjoy the cool breeze brush off against your faces as you rapidly descend from a steep mountains and slowly ease until you reach the bottom.Moreover, mountain lodges have certain nights where you can enjoy the company of people and families who may have the same thrill seeking interest as you do.

The wild offers many adrenaline pumping adventures that your family could enjoy, only if all of you are up for it.

Enjoying a Family Dynamic

Going on family adventures is not all about adrenaline pumping activities. Sometimes, it may mean gathering all of your relatives and taking what your home dynamic is and bringing it outdoors. This also gives an opportunity for the children to enjoy the outside world considering how most of the youth today stay locked up in houses playing computer games, or whatever modern technology offers that passes as entertainment.

In addition, bringing the family dynamic outside also helps children to learn some skills that they may find useful as they age because mommy and daddy will not be around forever. That is a fact. So, it is necessary to start teaching them in ways that living the domestic life cannot.

Moreover, it also gives father and son or mother and daughter an opportunity to find a hobby that they might share together; grow the bond together. Activities such as fishing, playing sports, and even the simple family goofing around can give the children the chance to bond with their parents in ways that modern civilization cannot especially with father and mother working and the children opting to spend their free time with their friends.

Unplanned Adventures are the Best

Family adventures does not necessarily have to be planned. In fact, some claim that those which were not planned turns out to be more memorable than those which were.

In such cases, you may not even need to pay extremely high costs because these normally just last for an entire day. It would be a bonus if you have your own car or your own RV because it gives you the flexibility to do whatever you feel like doing. Even those which you just suddenly see along the road can become an adventure as long as you are up for it. If you see a mountain trail that you feel like climbing with the family, then you just have to stop and go. It may be exhausting but the view from the top is worth it.

Relighting the Fire of Romance


Spending family adventures does not always necessarily mean the entire family. Couples, especially mommy and daddy, also needs their alone time; away from chores, responsibilities, and work. This is the best way that they could reignite lost romantic passion because of how busy they have become when the children arrived.

A weekend normally is enough, and there are a lot of adventures available for couples to choose from.

For example, you could simply check in a resort for the weekend where you are surrounded by hotel staff ready to pamper you until you are spoiled. More importantly, enjoying the beach together where you have a whiff of the refreshing breeze that comes from the ocean as you enjoy the orange and blue hues of the sky as the sun says good night.

Or if you are a couple who love the outdoors better, what better way to enjoy a romantic respite by staying underneath the stars in front of a lake with a bonfire in front as you enjoy a private conversation between each other.

Family does not necessarily mean that it should be enjoyed with the kids. Sometimes, it also means enjoying the company with the one who you start it with.

Going on the road with the family is the best adventure you will ever have with the ones you love. It brings a new dynamic into focus and also helps you grow together as a group; brings you closer together in a way that a metropolitan or a domestic setting is incapable of doing so. It brings excitement back into family life and make you look forward to another one.