8 Foods that are Good for Strength Training



Male in middle ages makes pushups on a racetrack

Male in middle ages makes pushups on a racetrack

Less is more. A popular belief among those who just started working out which, in its own right, has its merit. In order to get fit, it is imperative that you eat less than the amount that you currently put inside your mouth. However, that is not always the case. Normally, it depends on what your aim is.

One specific aim that you may have is building up strength, and although this sometimes comes later in the training regime, especially those who are “just” trying to lose weight, it is a vital part of the process that you could not avoid.

And with strength training, food intake is vital.

The ingestion of food is important when building up strength because it helps repair muscles once torn during the workout sessions that you undergo in the gym. However, this does not mean that you can take in as much and whatever food you see fit because eating the wrong food might just stagnate your progress.

It is all about picking and eating the right kinds of food.

  1. Wild Salmon


Feel that pain you experience immediately or a day after strength workout? That is normally caused by the inflammation of your muscles as it was torn during your training, regardless of whether it was just a simple push up outside or lifting massive weights in the gym.

It is your responsibility to help your muscles recover.

Wild salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids which, according to study, not only helps reduce the inflammation in your muscles but also helps in its build up. Normally, we have other nutrients in our body that hastens this process. However, omega-3 fatty acid is not one of them and is therefore required to be ingested orally.

In addition, wild salmon contains other essential proteins and nutrients that is good for our body’s overall wellness.

  1. SpinachImage result for spinach

A very popular vegetable due to a particular cartoon that tried to persuade kids to eat their vegetables, convincing them that it will make them stronger, and to its merit, had some truth in it. Of course you had to factor in exercise as well.

Spinach is a particularly healthy green leafy vegetable popularized by Popeye. Normally, when you talk about green leafy vegetables, what comes to mind first is how it contains enough fibers to keep you sated of your hunger.  However, what might escape you is the fact that it also helps reduce muscle inflammation, which, as mentioned above is an important part of building up strength.

Additionally, spinach also contains compounds such dietary nitrate that helps boost the body’s production of protein which is important for repairing the muscles, and build up your strength along with it.

  1. Quinoa


A seed that is not particularly known in the fitness world is actually one of the most beneficial when it comes to strength training.

This particular seed hits a lot of birds with one stone.

One: it is low in carbohydrates making it one of the best foods available in the market for those who are planning to cut carbs. Two: it does not have any gluten content; good news to those who are allergic to the stuff. Third: it contains all nine essential amino acids.

Among the three, it is the last that you should pay particularly pay attention to if you are building your strength because amino acids is the basic foundation for the formation of protein which in return helps repair and build muscles. In addition, the same amino acids, through its muscle rebuilding effects, help burn the fat away.

That could be number four.

  1. Protein Shakes


Now this is common knowledge for anyone who is working out. In fact, even those who are new to the entire strength building process knows about protein shakes. It is essential for anyone who is going to the gym.

It is highly recommended by trainers and gym goers alike because it is the quickest way to get protein in your system without the need to worry about harmful content. Contents such as soy, gluten, dairy, and artificial sweeteners are just some examples of substances that protein shakes are free of.

However, the key is picking good quality protein shakes and the best are normally those which are based on Paleo and plants.

  1. Slow Roasted Nuts


Nuts in itself, particularly those which are harvested from trees, has many benefits. One in particular is its magnesium content which is good news for those who are going through strength training because magnesium is one out of the many minerals in our body that is needed by our muscles.

In addition, it also contain a good amount of protein, which, as mentioned above, is important in rebuilding muscles. It also contain impressive contents of fiber and healthy fats which also helps in the reduction of the muscles’ inflammation.

The key to including slow roasted nuts in your diet when building up your strength is controlling the amount that you take in. In spite its health benefits, too much of these can also lead to too much calories which is counterproductive.

  1. Grass Fed Beef


Contrary to popular belief, taking in specific red meats can be beneficial to one’s workout regime. What you should be concentrating on instead is what these meat were being fed with. Those which were fed conscientiously on grass is the perfect source of nutrients, healthy fats, and protein that your muscles will need in order to grow strong.

Additionally, beef which were fed with grass also contains L-glutamine which is a mineral that not only helps building up the muscles, but also prevents it from breaking down which is a common problem among those who workout excessively. 

  1. Coconut


This easily encompasses all other foods listed above for the simple reason that it can complement all of them. You may use coconut milk when making your protein shake or use coconut oil when cooking your grass fed beef.

It is basically the partner for anything you want to eat when undergoing strength training, giving you an extra boost of training for another round.

This is mainly because of a component in the coconut called MCT, or medium chain triglycerides, normally used by athletes in order to create lean muscle mass. In addition, it also helps burn fat away which is an added bonus who are also looking forward to shave off some of their belly.

  1. Cherry Juice
Fresh juice made of sweet cherries and ice

Fresh juice made of sweet cherries and ice

According to Lauren Slayton, M.S., R.D., FoodTrainers founder and the author of the book entitled The Little Book of Thin, cherry juice is a good way to end a strength training workout. It has a high antioxidant content which helps reduce the inflammation of your muscles after your exercise and at the same time, aids in the recovery of your muscles.

Add some coconut milk if you want to and you have the added energy and a boost in its anti-inflammatory benefits.

Strength training, or exercise in general, is not only about going through a rigorous grind of repetitions and countless sets. It is also a matter of eating the right kind of food based on what your aims are, and if you incorporate these foods and tag them with good sleep and the right management of stress, eventually you will build up the kind of strength that you always wanted.