30 Exercises You Do Anywhere



Time is a problem that most would have to overcome in order to get fit. However, not everyone has the time to spare considering how different our personal and professional lives can become. What these people do not think about is that there are a lot of quick and easy exercises which can easily be squeezed in one’s day. All it takes is a few minutes.


  1. Parallel Thigh Work


Keeping your legs parallel and hip width apart, hold on to your support while raising your heels as you push your knees forward. While doing so, make sure that you keep your ears over your shoulder while they are over your hips while these are over your heels. Then, bend up and down; low enough that you feel your quadriceps burn.

  1. High V Position for Thighs


With a hand still holding on to your support, raise both heels and stick both against each other while making sure that the balls of your feet are close. It is recommended that they should be an inch apart. The thighs should be turned outwards while keeping your ankles glued to each other.

Then, go low, Just enough that you can feel the same muscle group contract.

  1. Leg Lifts


When doing the right foot, hold on to your support with your left hand then slightly turn your legs out from your feet. Your right thigh should be kept turned out and completely straight before being lifted as high as you could making sure that they remain straight.

Do this repeatedly for 30 seconds.

  1. Seated Chair Thigh Work


Facing your support, keep your arms in front of you with the shoulders over your hips. While keeping a straight back, raise your heels and bend your knees until your legs become parallel to the ground.

Hold this position while you lower your buttocks just a few inches and continue doing so for at least a minute.

  1. Round Back Seated Chair


This is a move that will give your seated chair thigh workout an added burn. You just easily round your back by doing the same from your hips all the way to your shoulders, and while in this position, keep a low position and pulse your buttocks up and down for at least a minute.

  1. Standing Seat Work in Parallel


Tightly hold onto your support as you face it, keep your hips square while keeping your right knee soft and your right heel raised. Then, bring your left leg to the back with the toe pointed. Make sure to keep your back straight while doing so. You know that you are doing it right when you feel your gluteal muscles engage and tighten.

Pulse your left leg as you maintain this position.

  1. With a Back Extension


Maintaining the previous position, raise your left leg while pushing your back to form an arch. This will give your left leg height.

By this time, only the working leg should be moving and do so for a minute.

  1. Standing Seat Work with Back Knee Extension


While maintaining the previous move, bend your knee so the toes will be pointing behind then press the bent leg for another minute. Just make sure that movements are made only within the pelvis and not on the knee nor the back.

  1. Standing Seat Work Bent Knee Dips


Using the previous form as a base, use your standing leg to bend down doing a knee dip. It would be wise to tighten your grip around your support for a better range of motion.

If you want an added burn, you may pulse the left leg as you push up from your standing leg.

  1. Standing Seat Work Pretzel Wrap


This follows the same position previously without the knee dips. Instead you do small circles, a quarter in size, with the left leg. Just make sure that your knee is behind the hip all the time.

This will finish your entire lower body workout. Professionals recommend you do all the routine with one side before doing the other side. However, if it is too much, then, you can do it alternately.

  1. Quad Stretch


With your left hand, grab your left foot  while holding onto the support on the opposite hand. Stand tall, then, gently put the left knee down.

  1. Figure Four Stretch


Hold tightly onto your support while crossing your right ankle over your left thigh. Flex your right foot while turning the knee of the same leg out. Keep your chest lifted with the back kept straight .

  1. Hamstring Stretch


Hold onto your support and angle your body at 45 degrees facing your support. Stand tall as you keep your left leg raised straight over the support.

Take note that all stretches are to be done 30 seconds on each side.

  1. Abdominal Hold


You will need a sturdy table or chair for this one as you put your hands at the edge. With your toes two to four inches of the floor, tighten your abs as you lift your buttocks off the chair. Hold this position as long as 10 seconds before putting your bottom back on the chair and then repeat.

  1. Side Crunch


Start out on a kneeling position. Lean all body weight to the right side with your right palm facing the floor. Extend your left leg and your left hand behind your head. Then, lift your leg to your hip’s height while looking over at your left hand parallel to your leg.

Repeat this same motion six to eight more times.

  1. The Hundred


Lying down on the mat with your knees bent and your outstretched arms with palms facing the floor, raise your foot while vigorously pumping your arms. Inhale after every 5 pumps, then exhale after another five.

Repeat this until you are able to do a 100 pumps.

  1. Opposite Leg and Arm Raise


Starting out on all fours, extend your right leg as you reach out with your left arm. Do alternately for 15 to 20 times.

  1. Prone Plank


Hold a full push-up position with the abs contracted and both legs and arms extended towards the floor. The stronger you become, the more you should try to hold this same position longer.

  1. Squat Thrust with Twist


With you feet and shoulder a width apart, stand with your arms extended in front. Then, you can start by squatting down with your knees bent as close to a 90 degree angle as possible. After doing so, twist your body to the left and back before standing straight back up.

Do the same routine alternately.

  1. Climb Up


With a scarf or a towel wrapped around the balls of your right foot, extend your right leg. While keeping your head in a neutral position, walk your hands up the scarf lifting both shoulders and head off the floor. Hold this position for at least 2 seconds, and slowly work your way back down.

Do this 8 to 10 more times, then do the same with other leg.

  1. Ballet Twist


While on the floor, keep your legs extended and lean back until you make a 45 degree angle from your hips. Then, extend your arms overhead like a ballerina making sure that your abs are kept engaged. Twist your torso to the right while bringing your right arm down on the mat. Your left arm should be kept overhead and maintain this for a slow count of three. Do the same thing to the opposite side; your butt and feet should remain stuck to the floor, then go back to a neutral position.

  1. Single-leg Stretch


While on the floor, raise both your head and shoulders off it and inhale as you pull your right leg towards you. Hold your ankle with your left hand while your right hand should be kept over the knee. While in this position, raise your left leg at a 45 degree angle. Then do this alternately until you do 5 to 10 repetitions on both legs.

  1. The Cobra


Lying face down on the floor, lift your head, shoulders, and chest off it with your palms faced down on the floor close to your chest. Hold this for two seconds and then repeat for 8 to 10 times.

If you want an added burn, you can lift your legs as you do the motion.

  1. Lunges


Alternately lunge forward, one foot forward, as you kneel to the ground. There are also different versions of the lunges that allows you to target more muscle groups at once.

  1. Bird-Dog


While facing the ground on all fours, keep your abdominal muscles tight with your spine and neck in a neutral position. Extend your right leg backwards while doing the same with your left arm making sure that your back doesn’t arch. Hold this position for five seconds and slowly move your way back to starting position. Do it alternately.

  1. Plank Shoulder Tap


You start out in a full push up position. With abdominal muscles tightened, tap one shoulder with the opposite hand. Do this alternately.

  1. Push-ups


Starting out in a full plank position, keep your entire spine aligned, and your neck in neutral by looking forward. Then, you bring your body down until your chest grazes the floor then push back up.

Just make sure that you do not stick your butt out at any moment during the motion and always keep your abs engaged.

  1. Inchworm


Bend from the hips from a standing position until your hands touch the floor. You may bend your knees if needed. Then, walk your hands forward until only your hands and your toes are supporting your entire weight, and hold this for 10 seconds before you walk your feet forward keeping both palms on the floor at all times.

Repeat the same motion five times, or until you hit a wall stops your progress.

  1. Mountain Climbers


Assume a push-up position with your body completely straight from ankles to the shoulder. Then, raise one leg as close to the chest as you can and do it alternately until you reach your desired number of repetitions.

  1. V-Ups


The arms should be extended behind the head as you keep your back and shoulders flat on the floor and your legs together with the feet pointing at the ceiling. In one motion, lift your legs up, keeping them straight while raising your upper body with the fingers reaching for the toes, and then slowly back to starting position.

These are just some of the exercises that you can do anywhere and anytime you want. With this, you do not have any reason not to to be in shape.