10 Foods That Speed Up Metabolism



Here at Healthy Hamster we’re dedicated to keeping you informed and inspired when it comes to your health and weight loss journey. If you’ve already taken note from our first article on foods that promote weight loss and health and are looking for more inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. If you haven’t, then now is as good a time as any to find out which foods promote healthy weight loss.

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With the pressures of modern life, sticking to a healthy eating regime can be difficult. We end up eating similar meals day in day out and the monotony can push us over the edge in search for something tasty. But eating healthily doesn’t have to equate to boredom. Keeping informed on different foods that promote weight loss and health can help you to incorporate new foods into your diet each day, keeping things interesting for both you and your taste buds. So if you’re looking for a serving of inspiration, read on to find out 10 more foods that promote weight loss and health.


10 Foods That Speed Up Metabolism

  1. Go Nuts

skin healthNuts are a fairly well-know, health promoting snack. They contain unsaturated fats, omega-3 (which is the same goodness that makes salmon a superfood), tons of fibre and vitamin E. This equates to you feeling satisfied for longer while also warding off joint-pain, fortifying your mental health and reducing your chances of heart disease. Certain nuts, such as almonds, have also been the subject of studies which show that they do not increase fat around the midriff. Though you don’t need to eat a lot of nuts to curb your hunger, they can be addictive so make sure you keep your portion to a handful to avoid excess calorie intake!

  1. This is Bananas

Anyone who has ever looked after a child can attest to the brilliance of bananas. Easily portable, super convenient and packed full of essential nutrients – they should be a go to fruit for adults as well as children on-the-go. They are a great source of potassium, which is vital for heart health, B vitamins such as B6, Vitamin C, magnesium… the list goes on. They also offer a good dose of fibre, which is never to be sniffed at. At only around 100 calories a pop, the benefits you will gain from eating a banana a day include improved heart health, improved digestion and improved blood sugar levels!

  1. Meat

grass-fed-beedMeat has had a bad reputation lately and there are definite trends focusing on meat-free diets, whether for strictly diet or lifestyle choices, yet meat can be one of the nutritious foods you eat. However, not all meat is created equal and if you plan on including it in your weight loss diet, you want to stick to lean cuts. Meats such as beef and chicken and turkey are one of our best sources of protein. Eating enough protein is vital to maintaining a healthy body which can build and repair itself, which is essential for anyone who undertakes a fitness regime.

  1. Cool Cucumber

Though cucumber only provides nutrients in small amounts, they are also low in carbs and calories which makes them a great snacking food if you just want to keep eating! They’re also have a very high water content which makes them super hydrating, a great way to ‘eat your water.’ Add it to salads or cut it into batons and dunk it in hummus, cucumber can be added to any meal or snack to add a satisfying crunch with a dose of H2O.

  1. Shellfish

vitamin DUnfortunately somewhat of an acquired taste, shellfish is a highly nutritious food category that is often overlooked. Fish such as salmon and tuna are well-known for their health benefits, yet crustaceans and molluscs are among some of the highest nutrient dense foods available to us. Providing protein, healthy fats, omega-3 and minerals such as iron, zinc and magnesium, eating shellfish are good for your heart, cholesterol and brain function. Just make sure you don’t have any allergies before digging in!

  1. Quinoa

Actually pronounce ‘keen-wah’ (yeah, I had no idea either), you may have seen this growingly popular whole grain on your local healthy hangout’s menu. A popular addition to salads, or often used as a side, quinoa is great for anyone with a gluten intolerance. What you get on your plate is actually the seed of a grain and as the seed has to provide the new plant with all the nutrients it needs to grow, it has high levels of protein, fibre as well as important B vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, iron and zinc.

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

43Crowned as The Healthiest Fat on Earth – we should all be enjoying more extra virgin olive oil. A staple in the healthy Mediterranean diet, olive oil is one of the only fats that avoids discussion when it comes to the healthy vs. non-healthy fat debate. The only risk you take when buying olive oil is getting a low quality product so make sure you but virgin or, even better, extra virgin olive oil. The oil contains healthy fatty-acids, such as oleic acid which can break down excessive fat, and some vitamins but the real star of the show are the antioxidants. The incredibly high level of antioxidants found in extra virgin olive oil give it anti-inflammatory properties that are thought to be able to fight diseases such as chronic heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and even cancer. So, if you’re going to dying to dress your salad, make sure it’s with a couple of spoons of olive oil.

  1. Kelp Me!

Yup, that’s right, seaweed. We’re officially discussing sea-vegetables. But don’t scroll down just yet – the likelihood is you’ve already eaten it without knowing as a derivative of seaweed if often used as a thickener for many common foods. However, to reap the health benefits, you can eat it in supplement form as well as raw or cooked. Now considered a superfood, kelp contains notable amount of iron and magnesium as well as A and B vitamins. Moreover, it has one of the highest calcium contents in vegetables. However the real magic comes from the high level of iodine which is essential for good thyroid and metabolism function, which are the building blocks of healthy weight control.

  1. Cranberry Juice

Famous for its ability to prevent urinary tract infections, cranberry juice also has other beneficial diuretic properties. Having a glass of cranberry juice in the morning can help to flush out excess fluids which can have a slimming appearance. It is also high in antioxidants and vitamins C, B6 and E as well as minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron. Cranberries can promote good heart health and reduce inflammation due to a high amount of salicylic acid. Most notable, drinking cranberry juice regularly can reduce your risk of developing cancerous tumours!

  1. Dark Chocolate

Finally, something for those with a true sweet-tooth that just can’t be tamed. A highly nutritious food, dark chocolate has among the highest rates of antioxidants in the world, as well as being high in iron and magnesium. Though it also contains a fair amount of calories and sugar, so you should definitely eat this as a treat and not a staple in your diet, however tempting. Dark chocolate can reduce blood pressure and protect against cardiovascular disease! Finally, proof that chocolate is good for you!

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This list should prove that eating with a focus on health and weight loss needn’t be monotonous. With a few informed choices, you can enjoy the same type of meals you always have, without any of the nasty effects on your health.